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“For a select few individuals, making music seems as natural as breathing. Chris Golden is one of those gifted souls. Each song resonates with emotional honesty and a sense of integrity that have always been at the core of Golden's artistry.”

—  Debra Evans Price, Billboard


“On Sunday Shoes, Golden makes a full-circle return to gospel music, the sound that remains his home base. The two-tone leather soles and shoeshine service on the album jacket say it all: He’s mining the genre in style with music that’s sure-footed, sturdy and built for the long haul. ”

—  Tom Roland, Nashville Journalist


"ALBUM OF THE MONTH"! - Power Source Magazine


“Golden's new project is a powerful collection of country songs that celebrate faith, family, and the things that matter most. CenterStage spotlights an artist at the peak of his creative intensity.”

—  Debra Evans Price, Billboard


“A skilled multi-instrumentalist with a voice like warm honey, Golden's passion for music shines on every track of his latest project....”

—  Debra Evans Price, Independent Writer


“It’s a perfect journey, a trip in his Sunday Shoes back to the sound that gave Chris Golden his eternal musical grounding. ”

—  Tom Roland, Nashville Journalist


“Chris captured each facet of his musical journey on this recording,”

—  Andrew S., Southern Gospel Review





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